USB fragrance oil burner

Code.2603015    D-DP-ARD05-MENTHE

Gencode : 3700284608493

Main caracteristics

  • Powered by USB with 4cm diameter hot tray
  • Fire free design with see through safety cover
  • Powered by USB port



  • Caution
  • Can be used ONLY with fragrance oil or scented pastille
  • Do not use products not intended for this USB oil burner
  • Clean with a soft dust cloth after using the USB oil burner
  • Lay the USB fragrance oil burner flat
  • Do not shake during the use of the USB oil burner
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Package : 1 USB fragrance oil burner / 1 Scented pastille
  • Minimum System requirements : Computer with 1 free USB port


Other information

Technical sheet

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