Code.1506001    KIT-3.5''-3FC-SIL

Gencode : 3700284607007

Main caracteristics

  • Reduces noise from your computer by controlling up to 3 fans
  • Modern design with blue LED indicator on each knob
  • Button control panel indicator lights
  • Fits in a bay 3.5'



FeaturesPanel: 102x110x25.5mm Stainless steel Cover: 98x93x19mm Rated Voltage: 12V and 5V Operating Voltage: 11~13V and 4~6V Quantity of regulated output: 3 lines Regulated max Power output: <30W Vol of Fan1: 7~12V Vol of Fan2&Fan3: 0~12V Color of LED: Blue

Technical specificationsFan1 control voltage from 7V to12V Fan2 & Fan3 control voltage from 0V to12V Adjust to either ON, OFF, or SOUND ACTIVATED Stylish Aluminum housing with Ultra-Bright LED lights

Package : Fan and light controller 3 molex 2 pins M to 3 pins M/F cables 1 molex 4 pins M/F cable Screws

Other information

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