Code.1504002    VEN-CHIPSET-MG2

Gencode : 3700284607496

Main caracteristics

  • UK : Dissipateur thermique à deux heatpipes pour chipset



Features : Cools your motherboard chipset Stacked fins for the best cooling Fanless, noiseless. No need to be powered. Two heatpipes solution Compatible with all brands of northbridge chipsets Could not be used on those Northbridge chipset which lack mounting holes around it Material : Copper and aluminium Dimension : 70 x 30 x 87 mm Weight: 134.5 g

Package content : 1 x chipset heatsink 1 x thermal grease 2 x pushpins 2 x links

Installation guide : 1. Assemble the pushpin onto the link, then insert the link assembly into the groove on the heatsink. 2. Spread the thermal grease evenly on the surface of Northbridge chipset. 3. Place the heatsink on the Northbridge chipset and align the pushpins on the link assembly with the holes on the motherboard. 4. Insert the pushpins into the mounting holes on the motherboard and ensure the pushpins are firmly in place. 5. Installation finished. Note : it is not recommended to overclock your chipset.