Code.4003002    ANTI-C939

Gencode : 3700284604457

Main caracteristics

  • Universal usage and easy to use
  • Compatible with most of computer peripheral such as LCD monitors, notebook computers, etc.
  • Shear Resistant: Hardened cable is shear resistant against cutting.



At the factory the code is by default 0-0-0. Push the oval button on the top.
Insert the cable through the hole on the bottom right side until the cable exit from the top right corner to your desired length. Release the bottom, the cable is now locked.
Loop the cable around or through the computer peripheral you want to secure.
Insert the head of cable into the lock hole on top left corner until it clicks. The oval button will be up to locked position.
Pull the cable on the lower right corner to tighten the cable around or through the article.

How to set the combination
All locks were preset at the factory code 0-0-0
To set a new code, insert the head of cable into the lock hole, simply push the button and hold while turning the wheels to the desired combination.
Memorize your own personal combination or record the code at a separate location.

Other information

Technical sheet

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